Robert Frank Photography

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“Countless photography books are shallow, coffee table fodder; decorations to adorn Hoxton cafes and salon receptions. Moreover, subconsciously, I’ve gravitated toward albums put together by people that didn’t dream of professionalism or acclaim, but rather, they did what they did out of interest and curiosity. Robert Frank started to take photographs to document his journeys and unique surroundings. His work wasn’t staged, the people were real, he used inexpensive equipment, yet the stories are unrivaled.

A melancholic stare at a jukebox, families seated at dinner and funeral attendees paying their respects. Where did distant thoughts dwell? Were these people part of the, “American Dream” portrayed by Elvis or Dion and The Belmonts? Photographs of diners and 50s paraphernalia suggest they were, yet faces carry burden, stress, repression; and in contrasting extremes, privilege, innocence and sheltered upbringings. It’s not a mere documentation of 50s America: it’s story of class culture and…

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