Why Himmmm Is Not Hollywood’s Biggest Threat


Lefty gossip site Jezebel, but I repeat myself, is alleging that Robert Downey Jr. is a secret poster on some Hollywood blog Crazy Days and Crazy Nights, spilling the beans on Hollywood’s sordid secrets. Alleging among other tidbits that the Diana Jenkins book and website Room 23 was a secret call-girl site for B-list celebs, such as Amanda Bynes and Hayden Panettiere. [Which by the way is total nonsense. Quite apart from anything else, the ladies in question can command at least $50,000 just for showing up at a party.] Allegedly, the “Himmmm” posting account is used by four people, in the entertainment business, fed up with the sleazy nature of the business. One supposedly is Talley Griffith, a producer related to D.W. Griffith and Andy Griffith, and the other Robert Downey Jr.

That’s not the threat. I have no doubt that most of the stuff on the…

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