Unreal Nature

Photogram No. 1 – The Mirror by László Moholy-Nagy; circa 1928 print from a 1922-23 photogram
Gelatin silver print; 63.8 x 92.1 cm

This is taken from a discussion about László Moholy-Nagy in the book In Focus: László Moholy-Nagy: Photographs from the J.Paul Getty Museum (1995):

Katherine Ware [KW]: Let’s turn our attention to one of the photograms, Photogram No.1-The Mirror. We think the photogram was made in 1922-23 and that this print was made from it around 1928.

Charles Hagan [CH]: This is really an extraordinary object. It’s very large. How was it made?

Weston Naef [WN]: In their 1922 article, “Produktion-Reproduktion,” Moholy and Lucia described how they made the first photograms by creating images on film without a camera by using a mirror or lens devices. It seems to me that this method was used to make this picture, because it is a positive rather than a negative. The process would…

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